Space Doubler

Space Doubler 2.30

Maximize the available space on your Series 60 phone

Psiloc Space Doubler is an automated compression system for Nokia 7650/3650. This means that your applications can be decompressed automatically when you attempt to run them. You don't need to unpack them manually prior to running them! And when you exit your application it will be automatically compressed again!

After installing Space Doubler, run it to select applications to be compressed. After the operation you will be presented with compression ratio. Now you can simply start your compressed application! You will see a indicator that the application is being decompressed and after a short while (realy short) it will be started. When you finish working with it and close it; it will automatically be compressed again!

You can also create group of files (group can contain any files/folders). Each group:

  • may be independent of application (any set of files/folders which can be packed/unpacked by single keypress)
  • may depend on any standard application and automatically pack/unpack when such application starts/exits
  • may depend on any user installed application and automatically pack/unpack along with the application

Space Doubler is the best compression program ever created for Series 60 platform. It not only allows saving N7650's limited storage memory, but also takes full control over the compression/decompression process, making it almost invisible for the user. Working with compressed files and applications doesn't require any additional operation. All you have to do is to start your program and close it - exactly as usual.

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Space Doubler


Space Doubler 2.30